Migrating to Hugo and Creating a Blog


I find myself often doing things that are so niche, that it’s impossible to talk about them with my friends, especially the ones not interested in computers but i enjoy talking about what i do. To resolve this, i have tried journaling but i’ve always just ended up writing 1 or 2 entires before stopping.

I think i dislike the fact that whatever i write there just stays there, read by no one but me. I like the idea of someone one day maybe finding my page, maybe someone with similiar niche interests, and reading through these entries. It certainly is more motivating that way, than writing journal entries which will never be seen again, even by me, as i hate reading my own writing.

I think it could serve as a useful thing for my friends too, being able to see what i’m up to. Obviously they can just talk to me, but then i usually end up omitting a lot of detail to not make them feel like i’m just throwing technical words at them.


The previous version of this website was just made with handwritten css and html pages, which i really enjoyed, but making a blog with a system like that would be very painful. So i decided that i had to use a static site generator. I host this website on github pages, which uses Jekyll by default, however i looked at the jekyll website and it’s themes and it seemed very heavy, but I wanted to keep my website very fast and simple.

So i remembered seeing Luke Smith’s video on Hugo, which he uses for his website and which looks very close to what i’d like mine to look like. I ended up looking at hugos website and it’s quickstart guide and following that, then i found Lukes theme and copied that. After some trouble with bringing my old config and index page here, while stile maintaining the blog section, i managed to do it albeit it’s not yet how i want it to be because the text is centered, however id like it left aligned but then the left align goes too far, seemingly igorning my padding for some reason. The title on blog pages (the one you are currently viewing) is also not cenetered. I might also switch the green text to a more readable gruvbox light color since there is going to be a whole more text on this page now.

Now, i will fix this in the future, maybe if you are reading this post in the future, iv’e done it already but i spent nearly my entire winter break sitting in the terminal and tweaking configs and i’ve had enough for now. I wanted to setup a blog now because i’m going to have less energy when im back at school.

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