Year 2050 Predictions

I’ve seen Tom Scott make a video in which he made predictions and later came back to it, to see if he got anything right. I’d like to do the same in written form.


I predict that in 2050 AI will be a point of division between generation alpha and the older generations. As AI advances, it will come closer to our inteligence at which point two factions will spawn; one progressive, spearheaded by gen alpha, which will see AI as a marginalized group that is in need of rights defined in law, and the other, gen x (millenials) and gen z will hold the then conservative view that ai does not need rights. The war in ukraine will be over with ukraine keeping independence but losing around 20% of it’s territory. Israel-Palestine conflict will be resolved with a two state solution, but Palestine will be suffering from poverty and the tensions will remain.

In terms of technology, AI will be commonplace, but it will very centralized with one or 2 companies controling the market. This will bring a crisis of privacy, which will pave the way for mass open source adoption. The polish president will be an anti immigration centre left figure. Allergies will be an epidemic. Linux will finally have HDR and perfect game compatibility due to the popularity of FOSS. The effects of climate change will bring many humanitarian crises and economic instabillity, which will in turn push for greener cities and a key politicäl talking point.

For some easy points, physical cash will no longer be used, nearly all cars will be electric, solar panels will be commonplace.

Thats it, hopefully i stay alive to report back :D

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